Information Communication and Technology (ICT) and Library Services

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Career opportunities in Information Communication and Technology

Here are some career ideas within this interest area:

Business Analysis

Learn about the Business Analyst Body of Knowledge (BABOK) certification and develop advanced skills in solution development in areas such as data modelling, elicitation, and requirement analysis and quality assurance. Gain employment as a business analyst in the Information and Communication Technology area.

Digital and Interactive Games Programming

Learn how to design and development interactive computer games using high level programming skills. Skills developed will include new and emerging game genres such as Flex E Learning and mobile phone development to gain employment as a games developer.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Obtain ICT skills and knowledge to work as an IT Support Officer, administration assistant, clerical officer, technical support officer or help desk operator in various areas of business and government organisations.

Information Technology Strategic Management

Learn how to lead the analysis, implementation and management of emerging or converging information and communication technologies as they integrate into the business process to support organisational strategic goals.

Information Technology Sustainability

Gain the skills and knowledge to plan and manage the implementation of sustainability strategies for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) networks and systems, including conducting applied research, developing organisational policy and devising strategies to meet sustainability targets.

Library Services

Develop your skills in searching databases, using cataloguing tools, using multimedia, providing quality customer service, and researching and analysing information to meet customer needs. Gain employment as an assistant or a library technician within a library or other information agency, and be confident in using the latest technology.


Develop skills to install, administer, maintain and manage a range of technologies in order to pursue a career in network management either as an independent ICT specialist or as part of a team.

Website Design and Administration

Learn how to design, develop and implement a website in order to pursue a career in information technology as a web developer, website coordinator, or web programmer and software engineer for business or government departments.

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