Become an Authorised RMS inspector

Become an Authorised RMS Inspector through the RMS Authorised Inspections Scheme.

Important Notice

October 1 2017 will see changes to the way TAFE NSW will be delivering the AIS – RMS courses, from this date the Examiner/Proprietor course will no longer be an option.

You will complete the Examiner only course face to face in a classroom environment and the Proprietor Course will be delivered via Distance Learning alleviating the need to attend a scheduled course. The Proprietor will now cover all disciplines; ASCIS, HVAIS and AUVIS meaning it will only need to be completed once.

These changes have come about as a result of the inclusion of  The  Trailer Breakaway Breaking System to the Examiner’s course. The Trailer Breakaway Braking System program was developed by TAFE NSW in response to a request from the Roads and Maritime (RMS). The program is structured to provide coverage across the range of breakaway systems found on both Light Vehicle and Heavy Vehicle trailers. As such, the program takes into consideration the varying levels of knowledge and experience that individuals within the Automotive Repair Industry possess in relation to the different types of trailer breakaway systems.

How can I become an Authorised RMS Inspector?

You will need to undertake the Authorised Inspection Scheme training, which authorises examiners to inspect vehicles to ensure a minimum safety standard. TAFE NSW is the sole provider for the delivery of this training on behalf of the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) NSW phone 1300 791 186.

There are four types of vehicle inspection stations under AIS. An inspection authority must be gained for each type. This ensures that vehicle examiners are qualified and specific safety requirements are met.

The four AIS station types are

  • ASCIS - Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station (light vehicles)
  • AUVIS - Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (unregistered light vehicles)
  • HVAIS - Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station (heavy vehicles)
  • AGIS - Authorised Gas Inspection Station (gas vehicles)

Upon submission of the required Approval for Training letter from the RMS and successful completion of the training course with TAFE NSW, you will be issued authorisation to conduct inspections by the RMS.

As a suitably qualified person under the authorised Inspection Station's Scheme, you will:

  • conduct roadworthy inspections, identity and design checks and, clears defect notices on light vehicles
  • conduct roadworthy inspections, identity and design checks and, clears defect notices on heavy vehicles.

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